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Privacy Policy

ORI Rio is committed to the privacy and security of its customers throughout the entire process of browsing and purchasing through the website. Customer registration data are not sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, except when this information is necessary for the delivery process, for billing or for participation in promotions requested by customers. Your personal data such as full name, address, CPF, email and date of birth are essential for your order to arrive safely at your home, according to our delivery deadline.
Our website uses cookies and information from your navigation (browser session) in order to draw a profile of the public who visit the website and always improve our services, products, content and ensure the best offers and promotions for you. Throughout this process we keep your information strictly confidential. It is worth remembering that your data is registered by deORI Rio in an automated way, eliminating human manipulation.

By continuing to use this site, you consent to our cookie and local storage settings, and you agree that you understand our Cookies Policy, which explains how you can manage your cookie and local storage choices and preferences. Please note that restricting cookies and/or local storage will impact your user experience, which may prevent you from using part of our website.

All data reported to ORI Rio during the purchase process is automatically encrypted before being transmitted.

The Client has the right to request all stored information, and may at any time request corrections or removal of their data from the website.

Changes to our privacy policy will be duly informed in this space.

The information available on the website may occasionally contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions related to product descriptions, prices and availability. Respecting the consumer's rights and its customer relationship policy, ORI Rio reserves the right to correct these errors and omissions at any time and without prior notice. Consequently, ORI Rio does not guarantee that the information obtained through this website is, at all times, accurate, complete and even up to date.